Accélération du transport ferroviaire !

Le 8 décembre, le premier train de fret turc à destination de la Chine est sur le chemin de fer Bakou-Tbilissi-Kars (BTK).

La connexion "Iron Silk Road", qui s'étend sur 8693 km et cinq pays, réduit la durée du fret entre la Turquie et la Chine qui était d'un mois est réduit à 12 jours. 

EU Launches Access2Markets Portal to Support Trade by Small Businesses

The EU has launched the Access2Markets online portal to help small and medium-sized firms trade beyond the EU’s borders and reap the benefits of EU trade deals. The new portal responds to requests from stakeholders to better explain trade agreements and help companies ensure their products are eligible for duty discounts. It will serve both companies that already trade internationally and those that are only starting to explore opportunities in foreign markets.

New Aircraft Assembling Enterprise

On the territory of the JSC TbilAviaMsheni, in the newly opened assembling enterprise Georgian specialist will work on the restoration and the repair of the aircrafts belonging to the Ministry of Defence. 

The JSC TbilAviaMsheni and the STC Delta restored the enterprise located over the 3000m2 plot of land and equipped it with the modern technologies. This will allow the enterprise to repair and renovate the various types of aircraft of the Georgian Defence Forces as well as the foreign air forces in compliance with the modern standards.